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Spray Tan Dictionary

Single Hit

A single hit is one layer of spray tan solution applied to the entire body. This method is used in our Standard Spray Tan sessions.


Double Hit

A double hit is two layers of spraytan solution applied to the entire body, during a single spray tan session. This method allows for a darker tan, but not quite as dark as the double-dip.


Double Dip

A double dip is two layers of spraytan solution applied to the entire body, commonly 24 hours apart, allowing the first session to mature overnight, with a second hit applied the next day - to acheive a rich dark tan.



Bronzers have subtle amounts of DHA (the color-changing natural chemical), commonly mixed with moisturizing skin care ingredients. Bronzers can be used alone to give a subtle sun-kissed look or used to prolong or extend an existing spray tan. You may also opt to use bronzers a day or two before a spray tan session.


Tan Extender

Tan extender is a moisturizer that can be used as a base, particulalry for men with hair on their chests and legs - applied a few days before a tan to achieve a more flawless tan. If you are using a tan extender after your tan, make sure the ingredients are water, not oil based. Moisturized skin does help hold the tan longer. Drinking lots of water and moisturizing well the days before the spray tan can also help extend the life of a tan.


Custom Contouring

Custom Contouring is an extra layer of solution that is applied to natural curves and trouble areas. It is artfully applied on celulite to darken the area in shadow, as well along the natural curves of your body, such as stomach musculature or breast cleavage areas. Creating these darker areas allows other areas to become highlighted, drawing the eye away from the trouble spots. The entire body, from collar bone to calves will be treated in such a manner to highlight your best features.



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